11 astonishingly inventive people

Some people are geniuses when it comes to figuring out the solution to a problem. Others are wise or savvy and will never let themselves be outdone... How do these people anticipate things? It's not easy to know what may or may not happen, and if one thing's for sure, life is full of surprises!

We're not talking about life-changing events, but the little glitches or challenges we face on a daily basis. Even so, it may take a while for us to find a solution, unlike the astonishingly inventive people below!

1. Cheap and easy!

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2. All he needs now is to put a white sock on the other foot

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3. A round ladder

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4. How to hide snacks from your kids!

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5. For when you forget your keys

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6. Cosplaying on a limited budget

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7. Genius - just make sure the boss doesn't see you!

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8. When scaffolding isn't allowed

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9. When a front door becomes a raft

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10. No bottle opener in your hotel room?

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11. He saw this coming a mile off!

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