15 photos that will make a perfectionist's day

Perfectionists find happiness in order and symmetry, and, if you tend to be fussy, we hope the following will counteract any chaos in your life!

Have you ever seen something so perfect that you've had to grab your phone and immortalize its beauty? The internet is awash with photos of perfection that have been shared on social networks.

Here's a particular soothing selection of 15 photos that will delight your inner perfectionist!

1. When you arrive at your vacation rental and discover you match the furniture

© EmeraldOwl11 / Reddit

2. Mesmerizing reflection

© BCk1d / Reddit

3. Perfect tire tracks

© eldersveld / Reddit

4. Seems a shame to make this cup of coffee

© Dbanzai / Reddit

5. Completely intact

© controbuio / Reddit

6. A perfect fit

© Aquatic_Unicorn / Reddit

7. The most divine cup of coffee in the world

© bad-a*ed / Reddit

8. When your dog boasts the perfect circle

© dog-chicken / Reddit

9. The beauty of condensation

© PsychoPotency / Reddit

10. They deserve a round of applause

© mcCheester / Reddit

11. When luck is on your side

© lobstersareforever / Reddit

12. One happy dog!

© K4NJOX / Reddit

13. Ready to go in the oven

© BCk1d / Reddit

14. The most tempting quesadilla

© malallory1 / Reddit

15. We could stare at this forever!

© alternateartreality / Reddit