16 actors from Home Alone who seem to have aged overnight, 27 years after filming!

Discover the changes experienced by these actors you know from Home Alone, the film that nurtured your childhood and you've surely forgotten about! 

1. "Aunt Leslie" Terrie Snell

2. "Cedric" Rob Schneider

3. "Buzz McCallister" Devin Ratray


5. "Kevin McCallister" Macaulay Culkin

6. "The pigeon lady" Brenda Fricker

7. "Linnie McCallister" Angela Goethals

8. "Mr. Hector" Tim Curry

9. "Harry Lime" Joe Pesci

10. "Mrs. Stone" Dana Ivey

11. "Jeff McCallister" Mike Maronna

12. "Uncle Frank" Gerry Bamman

13. "Megan McCallister" Hillary Wolf

14. "Fuller McCallister" Kieran Culkin

15. "Kate McCallister" Catherine O'Hara

16. John Heard in the role of Peter McCallister