16 animals with the most amazing markings

Animals, like us, come in all shapes, sizes and colors, with some boasting striking features or markings.  Whether they're domesticated pets or wild animals wandering the plains, these creatures are simply beautiful!

Here's a selection of 17 animals with amazing markings.  What about your four-legged friends?  Fancy showing them off by posting a photo below?

1. A cat with a perfectly curled moustache

© Hamilton the Hipster Cat  

2. This cat knows that bushy eyebrows are back in fashion

3. A calf with a cute heart on its forehead

© gill__gill / reddit  

4. Not sure if it's the eyes or the little grey goatee, but this cat is adorable!

© BanYe- OMG Catttt?  

5. A horse with a pony 'tattoo' on its back

© PR3DA7oR / reddit  

6. Cuteness overload!

7. The two-faced cat - perfect symmetry

8. Cindy Crawford meets Clockwork Orange's Malcolm McDowell?

© imgur  

9. The perfect spiral

© FaustinoA49 / reddit  

10. This puppy is awesome... And unique!

© imgur  

11. A worried cat or just unusual eyebrow markings?

© Samhaseyebrows  

12. The black and white markings, the little heart and those yellow eyes - magnificent!

13. A beautiful odd-eyed kitty with Cara Delevigne eyebrows - a real furry gem!

14. The mysterious masked cat!

© imgur

15. We love his little nose!

© Honeyflowers / reddit  

16. A cat with a smiley on its back!

© _Cowley / reddit