16 photos of life's little surprises that will put the smile back on your face

We never really know what life has in store for us, from big occasions to little surprises - just check out this particularly cute selection!

Providing they're not nasty mishaps, these surprises can make our day, plus they give us a story to snap and share with our friends and family.

Here are 16 photos of little surprises that will put a smile back on your face.

1. When mom hears a noise and opens the pantry door

© iphotostuff/Reddit

2. When you get back from vacation and find this

© nerfbomb/Reddit

3. Highway workmen with a great sense of humor - meet Godzilla!

© crunchypuddle/Reddit

4. He stumbled upon this not far from where he works

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5. Taking his pony for a walk

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6. Where's the knife? What about the spoon?

© Valkyrie7575/Reddit

7. Discovered while gardening

© Crustyjaj/Reddit

8. Someone's not watching you

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9. She bought this in a second-hand store and found bills in it

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10. When your brother tries (and fails) to scare you

© AerospaceGroupie/Reddit

11. A house mid-build?

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12. It was almost as big as the kayak!

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13. Just a Minion flying by

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14. Plus they managed to save it!

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15. Nothing better than goats enjoying a trampoline

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16. It's a pretty realistic banana too!

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