16 romantic things that only happen in the movies!

Check out these things that seem so simple to do in movies but are nothing like what happens in real life. Sometimes they make us dream so much that we try to do them ourselves without really succeeding. If you have tried to experience something done in a movie without much success too, this list is for you. 

1. Totally unexpected marriage proposals in public

2. Being able to say that you have an original story, because your relationship came from a bet

3. Sharing your plate and eating at a restaurant

4. Kissing in the rain

5. Declaring your love to someone who is already married, probably ruining his or her relationship forever

6. Filling a room with unnecessary sexy candles

7. Fighting with a potential rival

8. Going to your partner’s workplace to declare your love

9. Changing your look to meet the desires and expectations of the person you would like to go out with

10. Stopping your wedding at the last second because you love someone else

11. Being prepared to "do anything" to go out with someone

12. Doing huge romantic acts in front of a lot of people

13. Doing it in the pool

14. Interrupting someone's wedding at the last second to tell her you love her

15. Doing it in the Jacuzzi

16. Taking a shower together