16 terrible bathroom and restroom fails

Have you ever walked into a bathroom or restroom and wondered what the designer was trying to achieve? The following selection is just the tip of the iceberg...

From bathrooms where the ceiling isn't high enough to restrooms with zero privacy between the cubicles, all of these deserve a place in the Restroom Hall of Shame.

Here are 16 photos that will forever change the way you look at bathrooms and restrooms.

1. Just try to aim straight

© 560guy / Reddit

2. For anyone who likes chatting with the person in the next cubicle

© squishysockz / Reddit

3. Defined space

© SaraiHarada / Reddit

4. Up close and personal

© IAmDrinkingIcedTea / Twitter

5. A new take on space-saving ideas

© andrelu1s / Reddit

6. When you have to walk through the shower to get to the washbasin and toilet

© Banane_42 / Reddit

7. Seriously? Walls that look like they're covered in poop?

© Xuhale / Reddit

8. It's not even pretty, let alone practical

© Me_llamo_Patrick / Reddit

9. Maybe they love Picasso...

© camskylex / Reddit

10. Using up precious corner space

© doppelknoten / Reddit

11. Hope they have very long arms

© whineryj3 / Reddit

12. The joys of public restrooms

© Tintuks / Reddit

13. Nice view

© Yamski7 / Reddit

14. They only had one job

© idontreallylikecandy / Reddit

15. What is it with fitting the cistern into the wall?

© Explosive_Mom_Bomb / Reddit

16. The stuff of nightmares

© De*thbydragonfire / Reddit