17 astonishingly bad design and construction fails

Some designs and construction works leave a lot to be desired. And some people have decided to snap and share the horror before their eyes!

Whether walking down a street or upon entering a building, we never know what eyesores await us. We've all had the displeasure of stumbling upon constructions and designs that range from perplexing to weird to downright dangerous.

Here are 17 photos of constructions and designs that have left netizens less than impressed.

1. This is just sheer laziness

© yudoit / reddit

2. For decorative purposes?

© mineralbionoueleda / reddit

3. An inaccessible soap dispenser

© SicRaven / reddit

4. Because this shower only has cold water?

© spork117 / reddit

5. Geese, you have been warned!

© FilthyRichCliche / reddit

6. A very tight squeeze

© Agitated_System6964 / reddit

7. Would you follow this cycle lane?

© VersionGeek / reddit

8. Meanwhile in a waiting area...

© rarelygivesupvotes / reddit

9. Was it too much to expect?

© Gnarly_Sarley / reddit

10. That's a lot of button pressing

© imgirafarigmi / reddit

11. A few inches make all the difference

© Furygvn / reddit

12. Seriously? Are we the only ones confused by this?

© dhavalp03 / reddit

13. At least it makes the bus stand out

© kiitchiii / reddit

14. This was done by a "pro"

© TOTHTOMI / reddit

15. Try entering the code

© ncolyer11 / reddit

16. Would you dare take this elevator?

© oliverJoeh / reddit

17. An accident waiting to happen

© VicariousRedditor / reddit