17 photos that sum up kids' crazy logic

We were all young once, but have long since forgotten what went on in our heads! Do you have kids and often find yourself laughing out loud at their logic? Try as you might, they live in their own little universe and their reasoning can be impressively creative!

The language they use, the reactions they show, their fits of giggles or major meltdowns are all part of their charm, even if they leave us exhausted at the end of the day. With kids, life is unpredictable, so in honor of these "little terrors" here's a selection of photos that will ring bells with parents across the globe...

1. He wanted to see what a rainbow felt like

© brakethis / reddit 

2. Apparently he hates the color blue

© SparkyROAR / twitter  

3. His parents told him he couldn't go play outdoors

© unknown / reddit  

4. When your child realizes his banana costume will attract the monkeys

© Jaredelasshole / reddit  

5. Cooling down his slice of pizza

6. Clever idea for a lazy kid

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7. Because fruit is good for pets...

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8. She insisted on having a lasagne as her birthday cake

© Johnnyoneshot / reddit  

9. Determined to use his chopsticks

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10. She told her son he could eat half of the grapes

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11. Multi-tasking kid style

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12. A Christmas present from her little sister...

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13. Van Gogh is turning in his grave...

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14. When your child makes sure no one uses their shower puff

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15. She asked what he was doing and he explained he was making a model of the Windows 95 logo

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16. The results of a shared make-up session

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17. They told him there were puppy training videos on YouTube

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