18 brain-teaser photos that may take you a while to figure out

Time to put our thinking caps on and try to figure out what's going on in the following photos!

Look at the photos before the comments, and see how many you get right. Although, please don't be tempted to try some of these at home or things could quickly go downhill! 

Here are 18 photos that may take some time to work out.

1. This is what happens when acetone touches a smartphone case

© b*mguy554 / Reddit

2. How many of you have seen flowering broccoli?

© UnsaidSleet4223 / Reddit

3. Or a Venus fly trap flower?

© VeryNiceSmileDental / Reddit

4. Taken during a full moon, in night mode, in a moving car and with a slight camera shake

© StreetOfTheFourWinds / Reddit

5. The inside of a mattress

© smzt / Reddit

6. After leaving salt water to slowly evaporate

© Harris_Octavius / Reddit

7. When the shadow shows that the wearer suffers from strabismus

© YoungLucky88 / Reddit

8. Doesn't need guessing, but still an incredible sight

© neonlights322 / Reddit

9. The inside of a USB plug

© Get_Clowned_on / Reddit

10. A bank safe lock mechanism

© purrgatory920 / Reddit

11. Sour milk in an unopened bag

© Umikaloo / Reddit

12. Peeled passion fruit

© gacha_mind / Reddit

13. No, she doesn't have an odd-shaped finger - this happened during a fall

© BushyEyes / Reddit

14. When you find an old potato at the back of the cupboard

© hugz4satan / Reddit

15. Designer upholstery? Nope, mold in a car that was left parked with the window open

© The_Uninspired_One / Reddit

16. A vine serpents up a tree

© goodytwotoes / Reddit

17. When desert sand from the Sahara blows over Spain

© Nightrach / Reddit

18. A hornet's nest from the inside of an empty house

© Crasz / Reddit