18 life hacks that deserve an award

It's great when clever minds share their tips and tricks to make life easier. Just check out the following genius selection.

Some people are naturally creative when it comes to solving problems, whether it's dealing with a tricky bracelet clasp or finding a place to keep your key when you go for a jog.

Here are 19 life hacks that everyone should try!

1. Tricky clasp? Just use a safety pin!

© MojoJojoSF / Reddit

2. No more bleeding fingertips

© derdeutschvolk / Reddit

3. Want to reheat a creamy pasta dish? Add some milk or cream to revive the texture

© Bi0_B1lly / Reddit

4. Not just to keep your kids safe

© Kjh007 / Reddit

5. Use a selfie stick to see what's on a high shelf

© SubstantialBelly6 / Reddit

6. This is where you should put your key when out jogging

© ImmovablePotato / Reddit

7. To deal with a broken zipper

© Begsley / Reddit

8. Protect your laptop from the sun and see the screen better

© natalieberlin / Reddit

9. These aren't windows, but clear panels with backlights!

© ZZbrew / Reddit

10. No need to buy different-sized oven trays

© mario61752 / Reddit

11. Upcycle old fridge compartments

© junipour / Reddit

12. Wear sports socks inside out to avoid blisters and friction burns

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13. Simple way to store cakes 

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14. We love this solution

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15. How to hide the crust!

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16. How to stack plants

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17. Make a slit so you get the perfect dose each time

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18. Keep an old box for the dirty ones!

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