18 photos that define the word "individuality"

We all have our own way of doing things that make us stand out from the crowd!

Whether it's how we carry out a simple task or other everyday life situations that we deal with in a particular way. And this also applies to animals who are forever surprising us with their antics. From finding an innovative way to deal with a problem to expressing ourselves through fashion, being original can make life easier and let us show off our more eccentric side.

Here are 18 photos of people (and a pet) who like to do things their own way!

1. A sure-fire way to stop your eyes watering

© louie0027 / reddit

2. When the cookie manufacturer gives you 2 fortunes

© dank_dood / reddit

3. She left the rabbit home alone with her husband

© Crisbel86 / reddit

4. Someone posted a pack of bacon

© Chrisf48 / reddit

5. Recycling is important!

© J***_D***007 / reddit

6. A very loving T-Rex

© bgn79 / reddit

7. She leaves notes like this everywhere

© clearedtoland22 / reddit

8. This guy blows up triple balloons

© bellyjelly23 / reddit

9. The library offers a "Blind date with a book"

© UAhogs1991 / reddit

10. Their roommate put together this toothbrush holder

© tentoesandcounting / reddit

11. Could you do this?

© nxl_jayska / reddit

12. The lizard wanted to go for a ride

© fuelb***x2 / reddit

13. OK, we're guessing this isn't a pet...

© jaxpaboo / reddit

14. To keep your drink hot

© Willing-Positive / reddit

15. Not sure if it's a sweet or savory dish, but whoever thought this up is awesome

© k2yip / reddit

16. When the neighbor's dog surveils the street

© Kurlysoo / reddit

17. Happy to let it take a well-earned rest

© kapege / reddit

18. Semi-cosplay?

© unknown / reddit