18 photos of people who ran into some bad luck

Luck isn’t always on our side. This is a fact that anyone will confirm. These photos will also back up that claim.

At work and at home, misfortune always finds a way to get us. We’ve all suffered the bad luck of clumsily breaking something or accidentally spilling another.

Here are 18 photos that illustrate some of everyday life’s fails – both big and small.

1. On his first day at work, this guy broke a piece of glass worth tens of thousands of dollars.

© MrTenenbaum7 / Reddit

2. This is how her day started…

© NAEKEM / Reddit

3. He ordered the lobster without asking the market price and ended up with a hefty bill.

© Bing_Pow_Boom_Bing / Reddit

4. With the office being closed for a long time, this guy made the mistake of brewing some coffee without looking under the pump lever first.

© F4L2OYD13 / Reddit

5. He dropped thousands of beads on the floor, and his boss wasn’t too happy about it!

© Lazy_James / Reddit

6. He finally got his package, but there was nothing inside…

© lilvoynich / Reddit

7. A pumpkin that won the war against the knife

© MacacoMonkey / Reddit

8. The dog got a hold of the memory card, but the joke’s on him, because most of the photos were actually of him.

© ydw1988913 / Reddit

9. “Unfortunately, I can’t make it to work today, because the road is a sheet of ice.”

© Marko_90 / Reddit

10. What happens when you microwave a jar of chocolate hazelnut spread…

© aintx / Reddit

11. His sister took it upon herself to reorganize the library in her own way.

© BeansproutdWanderer / Reddit

12. His dinner is going to be just a few tiny raviolis.

© lilBrownJuiceStain / Reddit

13. She traveled all the way to London to ride the London Eye and see magnificent views of the city…

© thiccnuthair / Reddit

14. It’s going to be a chore cleaning up this frying pan! Maybe next time he’ll use some oil when scrambling eggs.

© Iridiumstuffs / Reddit

15. This fortune cookie has nothing to say.

© w3sT0Nnnnnnnn / Reddit

16. So much for making scrambled eggs for breakfast.

© Robotchickjenn / Reddit

17. Brand new headphones – found later in the dryer.

© AlecB1202 / Reddit

18. The pies are ready, but they seem to be missing something…

© themattcrumb / Reddit