18 photos snapped by people after they moved into their new home

Moving home is exciting, but trust us, there may be some unpleasant surprises waiting in your new abode! Just check out the following selection...

When we think of settling into the house of our dreams or the apartment we've been wanting to rent for ages, we don't usually factor in the bad stuff that could happen. And it's not uncommon to be faced with some particularly unpleasant surprises. It's part and parcel of house moves, and these 18 people decided that their discoveries deserved to be snapped and shared!

1. The glass cubicle was there when they visited

© jameskerr75 / Reddit

2. When you open the freezer and see this

© Cooch98 / Reddit

3. Water from the faucet

© xEvil_D*dx / Reddit

4. Wonky walls

© scotty_erata / Reddit

5. Future confusion guaranteed - the neighbor has a matching cat

© SheiIaaIiens / Reddit

6. Why???

© Scooby_McPherson / Reddit

7. They found keys like this everywhere...

© cinc0wnz / Reddit

8. We so want to know what's inside

© unknown author / Reddit

9. Always check the cupboards before you sign the lease

© bobibopo / Reddit

10. Maybe this was a kid's house?

© festivalheadmmsk / Reddit

11. A not-so-refreshing shower

© rolloverrover / Reddit

12. When you immediately regret your purchase

© thechariot83 / Reddit

13. They didn't think about where the TV would fit

© igotstago / Reddit

14. Time to phone the landlord

© Nighkali / Reddit

15. This is under the shower head!

© mixedracebaby / Reddit

16. A door that can never be closed

© Realties / Reddit

17. At least the floor will stay clean

© FinancialCell8 / Reddit

18. Aww, they had a visitor!

© D-Ibrahim96 / Reddit