18 treasures from the past discovered by people during home renovations

Doing a home renovation offers the chance to discover the best hidden secrets of older houses, as you’ll see in the photos below.

Deciding to take action and renovate your home isn't something to take lightly. It definitely takes flexibility and courage to deal with a construction project in your own home. These things are necessary, especially knowing the kinds of discoveries that come about from an undertaking like that.

Here are 20 photos showing the unusual discoveries people made during home renovations.

1. A class photo from June 1911

© cisternino99 / Reddit

2. The previous owners left a surprise behind a shower curtain in the basement.

© funkytowne1 / Reddit

3. An underground safe

© Mertyn / Reddit , © martinsthree31415 / Imgur

4. A mysterious key found in a 100-year-old house

© R3db0ne / Reddit

5. A secret room with a bed, wartime newspapers, and pictures on the walls

© lordjayy / Imgur

6. A steam room and hot tub was hidden behind these walls.

© FeedtheFat / Imgur

7. A beautiful drawing behind the bathroom wall

© yerkab / Reddit

8. A penny from 1866

© jimfromcopper / Reddit

9. A can of Fanta from the 1970s found in the drywall during a bathroom renovation

© RAS7331 / Reddit

10. She wanted to replace the carpet and discovered a cellar.

© madhats86 / Imgur

11. Tore down one wall and found this mural behind it…

© Gritzenizer / Reddit

12. A mysterious chain hanging behind the walls

© WomanOfEld / Reddit

13. A gas mask dating back to World War II

© OnlyZuul666 / Reddit

14. A newspaper from 1911

© BennyInThe18thArea / Reddit

15. A safe left behind by the previous owners – unfortunately, it was empty.

© mmartinez42793 / Reddit

16. Some wall murals done in the early 1900s

© NulloK / Reddit

17. A sewer pipe disguised as a palm tree

© _northernlights / Reddit

18. A dress discovered while renovating the bathroom

© schoessling / Reddit