19 photos of unconditional kindness in action

Some people's kindness is limitless. Just check out the following heart-warming selection!

Lots of people make the world a better place when it comes to reaching out to others. Helping fellow human beings, as well as animals, is the greatest sign of humanity.

Here are 19 touching photos of unconditional kindness in action.

1. A young man who saved a fawn from drowning

© One-Spelling-Error / Reddit

2. This guy feeds a local stray cat and even takes an umbrella on rainy days

© GreenAppleJones / Reddit

3. Helping to fix a broken wheel

© tara1 / Reddit

4. This guy heard about a lost dog who'd been roaming around a forest for 10 days. A two-hour drive later and with the help of his drone, this pooch was returned safe and sound

© butterscotcheggs / Reddit

5. Saved from attacking dogs

© theycallmetacobanet / Imgur

6. So his dog can see his nextdoor buddy

© blue_echo82 / Reddit

7. Music brings people together

© stevehandj***66 / Reddit

8. He saved this gorgeous owl while out kayaking

© blindside1 / Reddit

9. Contractors made sure the ducks could enjoy this pond

© _j-b / Reddit

10. Going that extra mile to make someone happy

© MuseMania / Reddit

11. Volunteers clean up the local river

© robthetrashguy / Reddit

12. Keeping warm is a matter of life or death

© emowolfsgirl / Reddit

13. Saved from being run over

© giraffytaffy / Imgur

14. Saved from drowning and warmed up in a towel

© heavyrock1212 / Reddit

15. A problem shared is a problem halved

© Asiriomi / Reddit

16. Saved for a second time by the same person

© NateJustNate / Reddit

17. Recovering squirrel and one frustrated cat!

© luc****sam73 / Reddit

18. A kind soul rescued this blind, deaf dog

© MuukenTuuken / Reddit

19. A firefighter gives oxygen to a baby hamster rescued from a fire

© edamomnomnom / Reddit