19 tips and tricks guaranteed to make your life easier

Sometimes life runs at breakneck speed and we're too rushed to finish a job or do a task to the best of our ability. Trying to multi-task, unexpected interruptions, juggling work/home/kids - it's just one thing after the other.  The good news? There are plenty of ways we can make our lives run smoother...

So take a couple of minutes out of your day and check out these 19 tips designed to make your life a lot easier!

1.  Airplane mode

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A busy day ahead?  Need a bit of space?  Then switch your cell phone to airplane mode and keep interruptions at bay!

2. Get up as soon as your morning alarm goes off

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A lot of us either hit snooze or go back to sleep after our alarms go off.  Big mistake!  Not only does it waste precious time, but leaping out of bed at the same time each day will leave you feeling more refreshed.

3. Beware of social media

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We all love connecting with others, but beware of toxic people whose only purpose in life is to drain our energy.  So stop following anyone who brings you down and stick to people who make you feel good!

4. Make your bed every morning

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This is something we often zap, but a tidy bed is more comfortable to sleep in and psychologically it adds order to a worn out, overworked mind.

5. Don't watch commercials

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Use commercial breaks to do something useful - washing up, sorting some laundry, catching up on emails...

6. Stop worrying about what other people think of you


Worrying about what people think of us is draining and not worth the effort! So, don't even go there - you're a great person and have got better things to do!

7. Change environments

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Are you a student?  Go enjoy the peace and quiet of a library.  An office worker? Eat your lunch in a park or diner.  Getting away from stressful environments, even if it's only for a short break, can do us the world of good.

8. Don't procrastinate!

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Don't get in to the 'why do today what I can do tomorrow' vicious circle - you'll just be putting yourself under even more pressure!

9. Meditate

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It'll just take 10 minutes a day for you to find your Zen!

10. Ask yourself the same question every day 

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For example, "What does my future hold?"  You'll find that your answer will change according to your moods and it can be quite an eye-opener!

11. Organize your fridge

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Our fridge reflects our lifestyle.  A tidy fridge = tidy life.  If your food and drinks are crammed in any old how, then it suggests your life is chaotic.  Organizing your fridge is good first step to getting your life back in order.

12. Save money

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Every time you receive your paycheck, try to put a little aside.  It may take a while, but one day you'll have enough for a vacation or shopping spree!

13. Eat a balanced diet

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Eating lots of fruit and vegetables is the best thing you can do to your body - plus a balanced diet keeps us looking younger for longer!

14. Learn to say "No"

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We often feel obliged to say "yes'" to everything, when it actually causes more harm than good.  Know your limits - by saying "no", you're not being unkind.  Quite the opposite! You're looking after your own needs and charity, after all, begins at home...

15. Enjoy a morning stretch 

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Ever noticed how animals have a good stretch when they wake up?  Do the same!  There's no need to do a full yoga work-out, but stretch your limbs and your energy will burst forth!

16. Smile!!!!

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Smiling and laughing is contagious.  Plus it releases happy hormones, so show off your dazzling smile whenever and wherever you can!

17. Ask for help

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Feeling burdened at work or overloaded by chores at home?  Ask for help!  Getting others to help releases stress plus it speeds things up, leaving you more free time to do things you enjoy!

18. Drink at least 1.5l of water a day

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Drinking lots of water keeps our skin looking great and our bodies in good shape.  Our body's made up of 75% water, so when it's dehydrated a whole host of health problems can crop up - headaches, dizziness, kidney problems...

19. Thank people!

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Your co-workers helped you out, your kids have cleaned their rooms, your friends have given you a shoulder to cry on... Thanking others shows you care and will make both you and your entourage feel happy.  Feeling appreciated is one of the best things in the world. Anyone for a group hug?