20 clever everyday life hacks

To make life easier, sometimes you have to get creative and come up with the right tricks.

To save time or space or avoid getting mixed up when you can’t remember if you took your medication, there are a few tricks that some people have come up with and were kind enough to share.

Here are 20 photos of people who had a stroke of genius.

1. Boil eggs and make coffee at the same time!

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2. A way to keep chips from getting stale

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3. How to get your dog to sit still for a picture

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4. Combine two zipper bags to make a bigger one!

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5. No bottle opener? No problem!

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6. Wrapping your valuables in a diaper will keep them from getting stolen at the beach!

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7. Use this hack when drilling a hole in the ceiling to keep dust from falling into your eyes or on the floor.

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8. A brilliant way to include the person taking the family photo…

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9. She didn't want to take her medicine.

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10. How to easily carry a lot of clothes when moving

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11. Make your dog feel like you’re there when you’re actually at work.

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12. How to save time when heating up food in the microwave

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13. Keep your child busy while you work in the garden by having them paint the fence with water!…

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14. You don't have to buy lots of different sized baking dishes.

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15. A way to remember the bright ideas you come up with in the car (for the passenger!)

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16. Writing the date and time on your medication packaging helps you remember if you took your pill or not.

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17. Hang eucalyptus branches in the shower to release an amazing scent with the steam.

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18. You don’t have to go broke to make your cat happy!

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19. When the hinge on your laptop wears out…

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20. When taking things apart, punch your screws through some cardboard and label them. That way you can keep your hardware and remember which pieces go to which items.

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