20 cool ideas that make everyday life easier

Sometimes it's the little things that count and these photos show how thoughtful ideas can transform our day to day lives.

From designers to people who work for local government organizations, attention to detail can make all the difference. By thinking about what's necessary or what's to be avoided, life's little inconveniences quickly evaporate.

Here are 20 photos that show how tiny details can make a huge difference.

1. A TV with cable tidies

© Defcon_/ Reddit

2. A book store that puts a piece of paper under price labels so they peel off without damaging the cover

© cynb*d719 / Reddit

3. This hotel has bathroom shelves that you can access from both the shower and wash basin

© achilliesFriend / Reddit

4. Get fit while your kids play

© vidat13 / Reddit

5. So you never run out of plastic wrap again

© itsmer / Reddit

6. No need to shake the carton to guess how much milk is left

© MoonSoup42 / Reddit

7. Complete with instructions on to properly cook ground beef

© Goldini73 / Reddit

8. No more bending down to see the titles on the bottom shelf

© SirChiefsLot / Reddit

9. Arranged upside down so you can see what they contain

© zachcruse / Reddit

10. So you know when to buy new floss!

© eightkangaroos / Reddit

11. USB ports in a bus!

© Me_Himself / Reddit

12. This store sells container covers - perfect for when we lose or break them!

© jesseberdinka / Reddit

13. Enough room for bread if you don't fancy crackers

© luckydice1224 / Reddit

14. So you don't have to turn it around to see the time

© occamsshavingki / Reddit

15. Integrated calculator

© iritian / Reddit

16. An airport with a little spot just for dogs!

© Joh1223 / Reddit

17. So you know which way to turn the cap

© 2312micha / Reddit

18. Handy sizing chart

© j3asan101 / Reddit

19. Smart TV remote with a keyboard on the back

© suubterr / Reddit

20. This store has mini-baths so you can see the exact style

© SchrodingersCatPics / Reddit