20 culinary catastrophes that could happen to any of us

Hands up if you've ever dropped your dinner on the floor! Don't worry you're not alone as these photos go to show...

You're starving, you rustle up a meal, and suddenly disaster strikes. Your culinary creation is now inedible. Or maybe your takeout looks like something the dog threw up.

Here are 20 photos of culinary catastrophes that could happen to any of us.

1. Oh the disappointment

© hannahtaylor_ / Reddit

2. Never leave a soda can in the freezer

© dim-pap / Reddit

3. The home delivery guy sent a photo to explain why their meal was late

© Jay_Ferg / Reddit

4. One little potato hiding a bag of big ones

© labyrinth-luminary / Reddit

5. Bad start to the day

© deadok / Imgur

6. Just a sprinkling of pepper

© scoobdrew / Reddit

7. When a bird poops

© rilescrane / Reddit

8. And it was well before the consume-by date

© TheBoarsEye / Reddit

9. When it was left in a hot room

© Giagus / Reddit

 10. The problem with sudden braking

© xevetv / Reddit

11. They forgot to add eggs

© themattcrumb / Reddit

12. Just as it was ready to serve

© Dover21 / Reddit

13. This was the last donut

© egggler / Reddit

14. They delivered a meal he didn't order - result!

© FabHckyBbe / Reddit

15. When your beefburger's lacking beef

© daweee / Reddit

16. Missing filling

© doyouwantacooookie / Reddit

17. Better or worse than the pepper disaster?

© Jellli / Reddit

18. Not so easy to open

© MT10inMA / Reddit

19. When your grilled cheese sandwich does this

© Xm09 / Reddit

20. It was his birthday, so he bought these to share at work... Then his boss called and said he could work from home

© Peencub / Reddit