20 enthusiastic DIYers who tried to put their repair skills to the test

Professionals must facepalm whenever they see DIYers try to fix things that require far more experience than just watching a YouTube tutorial. It's fair to say that some amateurs do a good job, and we have to admit that even those who fail have their hearts in the right place...

Here are 20 such creative minds who tried their best, but to no avail...

1. When screws fail

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2. One way to get hot water

3. Because dolls also get cuts and bruises

4. Anything to have some AC

5. Protect your side mirrors!

6. Make your own tank!

7. One way to repair a hammer

8. Bit too risky for our liking

9. We hope this is just a temporary fix

10. 10 out of 10 for creative thinking

11. Because they like clocks

12. A door within a door

13. High security...

14. At least if it gets stolen, it'll be easy to recognize

15. How to flood your bathroom

16. Extra security

17. A collector's item

18. Ever wondered what to do with your old cell phones?

19. A custom fit

20. Practical solution!