20 ideas that combine genius and creativity

There’s no limit to ingenuity when it comes to making everyday objects easier to use. These photos show some of the coolest inventions out there.

All the ideas that make our daily lives easier have been developed somewhere in the world. We just have to wait for the information to get to us.

Here are 20 photos of the inventions we’ve all dreamed of at some point.

1. This remote has a port to plug in headphones.

© superp0rk / reddit

2. A suitcase that weighs itself

© Speedy5ingh / reddit

3. A plate that adds a little something to the presentation of the dish

© TCLP / reddit

4. A table that brings nature and the outdoors into the dining room

© TherersomwhocalmeTim / reddit

5. So you don’t lose any screws while fixing things!

© Ashtronica2 / reddit

6. A shirt with a built-in cloth to clean your glasses

© Marvin_k2000 / reddit

7. A chair that can handle an adult and three kids at once!

© Skormseye / reddit

8. A sink that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale

© PC_Cuuhhrriiss / reddit

9. This octopus-shaped chandelier was actually made by hand!

© Whitlow14 / reddit

10. My sister made this delicious hot chocolate for me, complete with this cute gingerbread house!

© wolfhaleyyy / reddit

11. A vintage metal shopping list

© de_asset / reddit

12. The perfect TV mount for a gamer

© Xanerator100 / reddit

13. The art of diffused light

© actually_oh / reddit

14. An inflatable boat so you can go out on the water and remain environmentally friendly

© 5_Frog_Margin / reddit

15. The coziest invention ever

© CYBERSson / reddit

16. A glass that pays homage to Winnie the Pooh

© Harionago / reddit

17. Imagine walking into a room and seeing this!

© H0twax / reddit

18. These mirrors seem to lead to other dimensions.

© niall3214 / reddit

19. A counter that lets you know how long it's been since the last time you took your pills...

© jvhero / reddit

20. A lamp made from wasp nests

© Bens_Worx / reddit