20 life hacks that could be worth a try

Forget your daily worries with these simple life hacks...

From preparing snacks in your kitchen to tackling some gardening, any practical solution is welcome if we want to make our lives easier. Thankfully, there are some geniuses out there who are happy to share their tips and tricks.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate how well some life hacks work!

1. Do you have a Hulk costume lying around? Use the hands to carry cacti!

© catnip4sale / Reddit

2. If you live in an area where it's too risky for your cats to roam alone

© samtron767 / Reddit

4. Keep the old box and use it to bin used tissues

© WarningGipsyDanger / Reddit

5. Stop packets from tearing by punching a hole

© eat_with_your_fist / Reddit

6. Ever wondered how to dry reusable food bags?

© alaorath / Reddit

7. Put things on the bonnet, not the roof!

© nakedbisque / Reddit

8. Use a carabiner to carry multiple bags in one hand

© WearAD*** / Reddit

9. CD-ROM stands are perfect for storing noodles

© iwasinfiniteonce / Reddit

10. Don't throw away spring onion stalks - put them in water so they sprout new bulbs

© itsAndi / Reddit

11. Skateboard wheels are game-changers

© slofty_ / Reddit

12. Smashed glass all over the place? Use a torch to find the pieces.

© xXJuanSanXx / Reddit

13. Perfect for removing pet hair from carpets

© F7U12Origins / Reddit

14. Use an earring to keep your AirPods in place

© BumbleBeeeeeeeeeeee / Reddit

15. Try tie-dying to avoid trashing a stained T-shirt

© baba56 / Reddit

16. Cushion bags are great for storing decorations

© dramaticmusicplaying / Reddit

17. Clothes pegs aren't just for clothes

img src="/images/copy/uploads/actus/thumb/eb8ba2201b4ef9073a77671ca8e0da151c017cb6.jpg" />

© cleverraptor2 / Reddit

18. Need some comfort? Slide a pillow over the back of your chair!

© Mellow_Sunflower / Reddit

19. Freeze coffee in ice cube trays, ready for when you fancy an iced coffee

© d_love_ / Reddit

20. Never lose track of your baby once they start to walk!

© mynickname86 / Reddit