20 people with striking physical characteristics

People come in all shapes, colors and sizes and it's incredible the way that certain genes are passed on down the line.

This selection illustrates some incredible physical characteristics that set these people apart thanks to their unique trait. Mother Nature loves to make people stand out from the crowd and here are 20 photos of people who certainly meet the mark.

1. The clearest blue eyes

© daydreamsbynight/ Reddit

2. One VERY big baby

© Skip2MyLouDarlin/ Reddit

3. Feline eyes

© cowskin--/ Reddit

4. Born with an 'elf' ear

© animaorion/ Reddit

5. These sisters both have toes that are "glued" together

© IanthegeekV2/ Reddit

6. Extremely bendy finger

© svenlandicx/ Reddit

7. A very squashy nose

© fedorahitler/ Reddit

8. We love the tattoo!

© Binder46/ Reddit

9. Huge feet

© CodyBigFoot/ Reddit

10. She has a skin condition that causes it to flare up when touched, so she often draws on it

© Last_Thursday/ Reddit

11. An eyebrow hair with a mind (and a length!) of its own

© GhettGame/ Reddit

12. When your arm has one really long hair

© killmarkdead/ Reddit

13. A cosmic iris

© Sorranne/ Reddit

14. Lovely freckles!

© Rarity_bee/ Reddit

15. He's still just a teenager, but his hand covers an A4 sheet

© Gretechman/ Reddit

16. Curly and straight hair

© killedthespy/ Reddit

17. Two skin tones and two hair colors!

© araballamarialla/ Reddit

18. Born with white streaks

© redditsubs/ Reddit

19. Mismatching thumbs

© anwrootbeer17/ Reddit

20. Their little finger doesn't have a joint

© Natchthund/ Reddit