20 people who snapped and shared a pleasant surprise

Hitting the jackpot, whether literally or not, is one of the best feelings ever. It may not be a life-changing event, but it'll put a smile back on our faces.

For example, we may buy a product that is mundane only to find a little something extra inside, just like these 20 people who snapped and shared their unexpected treat!

1. She opened an oyster and found a pearl!

© Kate_Clapp / twitter

2.  A parcel covered in vintage stamps

© thisisinput / reddit

3. This knife came with some band-aids!

© notedrive / reddit

4. A fridge delivered with an explanation of all the noises it makes

© Aussie_bro / reddit

5. Complete with a toothpick

© airnlight_timenspace / reddit

6. This Japanese gum comes with paper so you can wrap and trash it when you're done

© unknown author / imgur

7. Sold in a net that prevents seeds falling into your meal or drink

© kzulch / reddit

8. This Japanese company included a special origami shirt with an order

© bitqh / reddit

9. Free chips that are used as packaging

© Nepoxx/ reddit

10. The best way to ensure a cool selfie with your dog!

© bjexSALT / reddit

11. A sewing kit that comes with a shirt-shaped needle pad

© shallama / reddit

12. You can order as much sauce as you like! 

© superman2706 / reddit

13. A free laundry soap sachet

© big_rickbo / reddit

14. Clever marketing on this packet of fresh coffee

© dinosaur_copilot / reddit

15. A shoebox with a strap to avoid using plastic bags

© notloh / reddit

16. Packaging used for a dog food delivery

© Ragiv13 / reddit

17. Free Red Bull!

© Chowter321 / reddit

18. Candy instead of bubble wrap!

© Drivingface / reddit

19. A free toy duck with your cocktail!

© AchieveTheChange / reddit

20. This giant bar of chocolate comes with its own hammer!

© flairness / reddit