20 people who snapped and shared a tender moment in their lives

Life can be very moving and all of us know what it's like to be bursting with emotions. Emotions that we express in a multitude of ways.

Acts of tenderness, love, hugs, crying, laughter, tears... Emotions are part and parcel of daily life. So, we've put together a selection of photos behind moving stories that are guaranteed to touch your emotional core.

1. Comforting his wife of 60 years after she suffered a stroke

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2. Hugging a gorilla whose mother just died

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3. A homeless man in Silicon Valley handed out his resume to passing motorists. He ended up with job offers from both Apple and Google!

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4. One man and his dog

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5. A Saudi Arabian man teaches his wife to drive, once the driving laws were changed to allow women behind the wheel

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6. The true spirit of Christmas

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7. The man on the left watched 7 soccer World Cups and took his replica trophy to each one. After he died in 2015, his son kept up his dad's tradition

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8. He told his daughter that he hadn't earned much money that week...

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9. Soccer goalkeeper Partizan Belgrade comforts the opposition's goalkeeper after he'd been subjected to racist insults from the crowd during the game

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10. A great day!

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11. Looking up the nearest veterinarian after finding an injured bird

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12. He gave this homeless man his Kindle after learning that he'd been reading the same book over and over.

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13. His wife loves giraffes... Here's her present

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14. Helping a teenager who uses the same gym with this homework

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15. First day on the job for this little K9

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16. Tennis balls for dogs that live in this refuge

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17. Her dad died 10 years earlier and his heart was donated to this man, who later walked her down the aisle on her wedding day

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18. When the younger generation steps in to help

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19. Weight loss after dieting for 2 years

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20. Happiness has no price!

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