20 photos of bathrooms designed by people who had no intention of ever using them

It’s usually not a good idea to redesign bathrooms. These photos explain why.

Bathrooms are relatively traditional rooms. You can't really argue about their purpose. However, some architects and builders amuse themselves by designing bathrooms that we would rather avoid.

Here are 20 photos of rather unusual bathrooms.

1. Yes, these are public toilets – with absolutely no privacy at all!

© AtheistComic / Reddit

2. "The bathroom is just at the bottom of the stairs." Literally.

© brushlee59 / Imgur

3. So you can high-five each other?

© Desconhecido / Imgur

4. How exactly does that work?

© Llim / Reddit

5. When sitting on the stool becomes an ordeal.

© PixieTheApostle / Reddit

6. Making the most of limited space

© OlivierDeCarglass / Reddit

7. Making you dizzy with such unusual decor can’t be useful in any way.

© GeneReddit123 / Reddit

8. What’s the purpose of this door?

© Reddits_Mr_Wolf / Reddit

9. This bathroom has toilet paper, but it’s not accessible in the right time and place.

© Desconhecido / Imgur

10. A bathroom that doubles as a waiting room

© C4llumB / Reddit

11. You have to go through the bathroom to go downstairs.

© Desconhecido / Imgur

12. Sometimes you need encouragement in life…

© Desconhecido / Imgur

13. A DIY bidet

© BeefSupremeNinja82 / Reddit

14. That’s a perfect place for a toilet.

© Desconhecido / Imgur

15. The Avengers advertising team took things a little too far.

© Chester_117 / Reddit

16. Design down to a fraction of an inch

© ssj_d*ck / Reddit

17. Isn’t it a practical idea to put a toilet in the parking lot?

© acoster / Reddit

18. These toilets encourage socializing…

© titan020 / Reddit

19. A soap dispenser directly above the electrical outlet?

© Desconhecido / Imgur

20. Artistic toilets

© SirERexYun / Reddit