20 photos of life-changing inventions

Some inventions that we never dreamed of have been created to make our lives easier.

We think that designers have already thought of everything to make everything in life as practical as possible. But they keep finding ways to make things easier to use.

Here are 20 photos that show the inventions that are changing our lives.

1. A 12-year old modified his bike with pieces of carpet so he could ride barefoot.

© flaglerite / Reddit

2. A toaster that lets you control how toasted your bread gets.

© ai_is_ded1212 / Reddit

3. This carton of milk lets you measure the amount to pour for your recipe – or just to see how much is left inside.

© D3rF3lx / Reddit

4. This door can be opened with your foot.

© The_DerpMeister / Reddit

5. IKEA sells a mouth-to-mouth emergency device.

© DonQuetzalcoatl / Reddit

6. The hardware is organized based on the step it’s used in, not by type.

© Doctor_Nutsack / Reddit

7.  A safer way – a door that opens with the wrist!

© staxnet / Reddit

8. A stapler that comes with a staple remover…

© titations / Reddit

9. A laptop that comes equipped with a ruler…

© 5kulzy / Reddit

10. This TV light simulator makes it look like someone’s watching TV at home, so the burglars stay away.

© skymaredreamseek / Reddit

11. Different surfaces to try the strollers on before making your choice…

© eyedubb / Reddit

12. A way to turn on the shower before getting in…

© IBeBobbyBoulders / Reddit

13. A door that closes two rooms…

© Jave85 / Reddit

14. In Sweden, they're thinking of cyclists who have to stop at traffic lights and keep their balance!

© medmik / Reddit

15. Soles equipped with a cleat to help you walk on ice…

© TheRealJasonium / Reddit

16. Her kitchen has a cooler built into the floor.

© melisage / Reddit

17. A drawer made specifically for dispensing paper towels…

© rishortish / Reddit

18. A single egg carton

© WhoppingRook09 / Reddit

19. A little place to put your things in the bathroom; it’s connected to the lock so you can’t forget something when you leave.

© notanaijin / Reddit

20. A stylish pizza cutter

© Bismuth81 / Reddit