20 photos that were taken at just the right time

Some pictures are too crazy to be true. Has anything been done to an unbelievable photo to change it? Could it have been altered before it was posted? With so many editing tools – like Photoshop – we have started questioning everything.

However, these photos are real despite what they look like. For once, it's all in the art and skill of the photographer (and maybe a little luck). These shots below offer the proof.

1. So, is it a dog or a tiger?

© ZombieMilky23 / Reddit  

2. When a mirror distorts your view!

© macros1980 / Reddit  

3. Half-human, half-cat!

© mshwarzberg / Reddit  

4. Don’t move or you might fall off!

© hater_core / Reddit  

5. “Fortunately, since then, my son's right hand caught up with his left...”

© chubbydidge / Reddit  

6. “Flat farmland that looks 3D!”

© etymologynerd / Reddit  

7. It must not be easy having two heads and one body...

© hookbill2 / Reddit  

8. It looks like his head cuts right into the sky!

© DysfunctionalSquid / Reddit  

9. Half-human, half-dog!

© mmtatertoot / Reddit  

10. This building juts out from the sky... or is it coming out of pollution?


11. If he didn't do it on purpose, that’s quite an achievement.

© TacoPvP / Reddit  

12. You can't tell exactly what color the car is…

© heheokaydude / Reddit  

13. This water from the faucet looks like a wine glass…

© IronSheep5318 / Reddit  

14. This is only one photo…

© BreslauJakub / Reddit  

15. This mirror makes it look like the toilet and vanity are in the tub!

© ThunderBaee / Reddit  

16. Yum, fresh meat!

© TJ_THE_HUMAN / Reddit  

17. It’s as if they only have one t-shirt for the two of them.

© ed8907 / Reddit  

18. Since when can you park inside a restaurant?

© AquafinaFtw / Reddit  

19. When you go to a museum and the painting is looking at you…

© Solann / Reddit  

20. Just give your brain a minute to figure this one out…

© sunnyCr / Reddit