20 professionals who may want to rethink their career

Some professionals don't seem to understand the basics of their trade and these snaps perfectly illustrate the poor results!

Not everyone believes in quality when it comes to their job which invariably leads to some astonishing consequences. The classic case of they only had one job and still managed to make a mess.

Here are 20 photos that define the word "fail".

1. What possessed them to do this?

© kingkongpaul493/Reddit

2. When the office cleaner can't be bothered

© Grand-Elderberry5035/Reddit

3. Quick fix

© asupsystudent/Reddit

4. When Spider Man's missing something

© Ghaztmaster/Reddit

5. When a bathroom turns into a puzzle

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6. Not the way to renovate a building

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7. Almost, but not quite

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8. Was it really too hard to do?

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9. Extra-secure mailbox

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10. Every problem has a solution...

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11. Er, ok

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12. Time to find another gardener

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13. When a plumber doesn't understand the basics of gravity

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14. Flawless finish

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15. Maybe some people prefer an entire potato?

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16. Diagonal storeys?

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17. Headache-inducing

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18. And in a school too!

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19. This is just so wrong

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20. Because cubicle locks are for decorative purposes only

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