20 tattoos with a touching story behind them

Some tattoos are remarkably expressive and the following's just a small selection.

Choosing to get inked is a big decision and fans often opt for striking graphics with a strong message. But that doesn't mean aesthetics are left behind, resulting in art that's both stunning and particularly telling.

Here are 20 photos of tattoos that tell a touching tale.

1. Because his cat loves sneaking into his bedroom at night

© push3000 / Reddit

2. His daughter's voice

© JustAnOkUsername / Reddit

3. In honor of their courageous grandma

© probablyoliver / Reddit

4. Three brothers, one theme

© basroomsoes / Reddit

5. To represent her son, who she brought up alone

© axoltunes / Reddit

6.  You're never too old to get your first tattoo

© pafdoot / Reddit

7. They never met in person, but still decided to get tattoos of each other's face!


© lancaster27 / Reddit

8. To remember his dog

© SelfProclaimedB***h / Reddit

9. Because his son will always be in his heart

© sullymonster1983 / Reddit

10. His sister died young... Here is his tribute

© Sir_Ibex / Reddit

11. To remember his dad, who passed away the previous summer

© paisleyfeet / Reddit

12. His dad couldn't get inked due to a health problem, so he got a tattoo on his father's behalf

© avidapune_ / Reddit

13. An artist's first ever tattoo!

© Thepotatoseller / Reddit

14. Reproduction of one of his mother's paintings

© LittleMissMae304 / Reddit

15. For whenever their morale needs a boost

© tonystec / Reddit

16. The first time his grandparents met

© KornDog17 / Reddit

17. Their son's original painting is still on the fridge door

© happycoble / Reddit

18. He was over 60 when he got his first tattoo - a tribute to his autistic son

© elizabubblehead / Reddit

19. In honor of their first-born

© KeepSaintPaulBoring / Reddit

20. To always remember their 2 still-born babies

© builtknotbough / Reddit