21 funny photos that sum up sibling relationships

Sibling rivalry... Anything goes and it's a jungle out there! One steals all the chocolates from the Christmas calendar, the other will retaliate with a force that only brothers and sisters will understand.

Here are 21 hilarious photos that sum up the joys of sibling relationships!

1. Her brother ate the toppings...

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2. No rivalry here, just a brother letting his sister sample make-up colors!

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3. When your sibling leaves this in the toilet and there's no other roll to hand

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4. When your sister's kind enough to leave you a bit

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5. Just leave the spoon behind

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6. Was this really necessary?

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7. The last time she took her sister out for a meal...

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8. When your sister takes over the bathroom

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9. She wanted to find the tastiest one

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10. Someone doesn't like the crusts

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11. One spoon for both the peanut butter and the jelly

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12. Her brother needed a place to stay, so she built him a blanket fort

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13. When your little brother gets too annoying

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14. When they buy new pots before finishing open ones

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15. Enough to drive you crazy!

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16. He stole the ham, but left the cheddar

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17. When your sister doesn't clean up after herself

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18. Open them all to find your favorite flavor

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19. When you brush your teeth after your brother

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20. When you don't care about the rest of the family

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21. She ate the sprinkles, but left the yogurt!

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