24 guys who worked hard to change their bodies

Quite often we associate dieting and the culture of obtaining the perfect body with women. But this is a common misconception, as many men are also worried about their weight and appearance. Men are also inundated with pictures in magazines, showing the perfect bodies of models and athletes.

Here are 24 men who decided to take their weight problems in their own hands and sculpt an unrecognizable body!

1. Ketogenic diet results

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Obviously, this guy can thank the ketogenic diet, which helped him burn his extra fat and turn it into muscle. Of course, he combined it with regular exercise, so that the burned fat could turn into muscle. The results are impressive!

2. By quitting drinking and playing sports, this man managed to lose 120 pounds. 

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3. This man lost 70 lbs. through regular exercise and healthy eating.

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4. In just 18 months, he became a new man.

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After deciding to take charge, it took only 18 months for this man to lose more than 90 lbs. and become disciplined.

5. “Here I am after 5 years of working on my body.” 

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This guy was suffering from hypertension. So, exercise was his answer to losing weight, in addition to a balanced diet. The results are incredible.

6. Just 4 months between these two photos!

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Under his Imgur name, theguythatdoesthething, confessed that his guilty pleasures were junk food and drinking. His health wasn’t that important to him. Then one day, he decided to make a radical change. In just 4 months, he has already lost 40 pounds!

7. It was time to make a change!

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In just one year, this guy has managed to lose 110 pounds with some basic things: no more greasy junk food and more exercise.

8. Losing 265 lbs. in 2 years changed my life

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Hard to believe that these two men are one and the same person! And yet ... In 2013 again, Mike weighed almost 400 pounds. Losing 265 pounds has radically changed his life... You can find out how he did it here.

9. 100 pounds lost in 2 years!

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“Honestly, if I managed to do it, anyone can!”

10. He lost 100 pounds in a year

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This guy is a winning combo all by himself! He began to run day and night, over increasingly longer distances. Then he started eating more vegetables and went to the gym. He was also able to raise more than $3000 for charity.

11. 48 pounds gone, thanks to the ketogenic diet

If it’s done correctly and accompanied by a healthy lifestyle (exercise and a healthy diet), the ketogenic diet can work wonders. Here are some recipe ideas.

12. 120 pounds later...

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“After years of false starts and broken self-promises, I finally did it and hit my weight-loss goal!”

13. 39 pounds separate these two photos 

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“I used to work out regularly, but I fell off into the trap of fast food and candy bars. Started eating right and working out 6 times a week.”

14. “My goal was to lose between 20 to 30 pounds, but I ended up losing 59.”

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Do you know how long it took him to lose 59 pounds? Just 4 months! Thanks to a strict diet, he did it, but he confesses that he allows himself a slice of pizza from time to time.

15. He smiled again after losing half of his weight!

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“My weight-loss journey ended today, and I couldn’t be happier! From approximately 310 lb. to 155 lb.”

16. In one year, this man lost 143 pounds.

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17. 150 pounds less, and this guy started a new life

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18. This man has reached his weight loss goal.

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2 years ago, he weighed about 285 lbs., and now he weighs 163.

19. “I'm not fat anymore!”

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We hear people say it all the time: “If I can do it, so can you!” That's what motivated this young man.

20. There is no age limit on weight loss... 2 ½ years later.

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21. This man feels good about himself after losing 130 lbs.

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22. In 3 ½ years, this man lost 170 pounds.

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23. 59 pounds less!!!

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24. This young man has grown up and has even become one of the sexiest firefighters in Australia! 

At age 19, Sam Rouen weighed 339 pounds. Ten years ago, he participated in the Australian version of “The Biggest Loser.” He lost 156 pounds and won. From there, his life changed dramatically: he became a firefighter and now saves lives. A true icon, he was chosen as the sexiest firefighter in Australia and now poses for the famous charity calendar.