28 pets that realized they were off to see their veterinarian

Going to see your doctor is never a nice experience and taking your kids for a check-up can lead to major meltdowns! How can anyone enjoy being prodded and poked as our healthcare proffessionals check our aching muscles or pull out a huge needle ready to give us a jab...

But what about pets? Do they realize what's going on (apart from the horror of being put in a transporter and then being loaded into a car)? It has to be said that a lot of our pets seems to sense that a veterinarian is awaiting their arrival! Their reactions can vary; from looking puzzled to outright rebellion, here's a selection of pets that were snapped just as the dreaded moment arrived...

1. Convincing himself that he's off to the local park?

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2. The look of terror

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3. When your cat sees its reflection and realizes what you did to its tail

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4. "Is it really necessary?"

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5. When your cat refuses to believe he has a weight problem...

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6. "I know the vet put me on a diet, but still..."

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7. A before and after shot

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8. Refusing to let go!

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9. Thinking no one can see him...

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10. "Catch me if you can..."

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11. "Maybe if I don't move, they won't see me!"

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12. "Please take me home..."

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13. Clinging on for dear life

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14. Warning its fellow patients!

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15. When they didn't properly close the door...

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16. Thanking him with a scratch

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17. "What have I done to deserve this?"

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18. The moment when you arrive

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19. Pretending to be invisible

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20. Yes, cats do it too!

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21. A very patient patient!

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22. "Please have pity on me..."

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23. When your dog recognizes the veterinarian's office

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24. Striking his best pose

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25. When a fish calms down your dog

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26. This dog is not going to be fooled

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27. "At least we've got each other!"

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28. "WTF???"

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