28 super-cool gadgets that you'll find in Japan

Japan is steeped in history and has an incredible cultural heritage.  It's also top of the list when it comes to gadgets and state of the art technology.  Some products are specifically designed for the Japanese lifestyle, but others deserve to be on anyone's wish list!

Just check out this list of 28 awesome gadgets, products and ideas.

1. Mini ashtrays that are handed out by the police to people who smoke outdoors

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2. We love these solar system chocolates - almost too pretty to eat!

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3. Elevators in Osaka let you know if it's raining outdoors

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4. Japan has beautifully decorated manholes to liven up their streets

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5. You can shake an otter's hand when you visit this zoo!

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6. Japan sent this adorable robot to the International Space Station in order to photograph the astronauts as they go about their days

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7. Pokémon fever has even taken over their planes!

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8. House moving trucks have big side doors so you can easily load furniture!

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9. The button on the right plays music so you can discreetly go to the toilet in public restrooms

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10. Umbrellas that change color or design when it rains!

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11. Sidewalks have metal barriers to slow down cyclists and prevent accidents with pedestrians

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12. This $5,000 exoskeleton supports the body and controls muscle movements so that workers can carry heavier loads

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13. A perfumed Pokéball bath bomb that also hides a Pokémon

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14. In Japan, gum's sold with small pieces of paper, so you can wrap it up once you're done chewing!

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15. The perfect chair for gamers!

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16. Fruits and vegetables are molded as they grow to create cool shapes without compromising their taste

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17. Wow! A fridge that comes to you when you call it!

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18. Japanese men like to shave their legs!

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19. Cup and saucer balconies! 

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20. In Kyoto phone booths have aquariums complete with goldfish

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21. Machines that transcribe typed letters into a hand-written form!

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22. A free umbrella 'carpark' for rainy days!

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23. Cars fans will love this smiling bumper by Suzuki Twin!

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24. A gadget designed to alter your vocal chords, so your voice sounds better

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25. If you're worried about sagging skin, just pop on this facial exercise mask and kiss goodbye to ageing features!

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26. Practical butter sticks!

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27. Plump up your lips without resorting to fillers

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28. Some photo booths automatically increase the size of your eyes for a full-on Manga look!

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