Every day, this mom photographs what she finds in her preschool son’s pockets

Kids love collecting things. Whether it's pebbles, leaves, or even dead insects, they like to pick things up and bring them to their parents. You can find some funny things in the pockets of children.

This mom decided to take pictures of all the little things she found in her son's pockets while he was in preschool. She thinks it will be a great memoir from that time and that her son will enjoy looking at them later.

Here are 20 things this mom found in her son's pockets at the end of each school day!

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1. A sampling of nature

2. A collection that would please Aladdin

3. An adequate assortment

4. A little more somber... Maybe it indicates his mood that day?

5. Cheerfulness and exoticism

6. The assortment of colors is remarkable!

7. A walk in the woods?

8. A lot of creative things at school today!

9. The desire to escape

10. Art class again

11. Little bits of life

12. Moving up to bigger toys

13. Pastels

14. Life in green and yellow!

15. Trending towards the simple things 

16. He had big pockets on this day!

17. Maybe this was an off day...

18. Magic beans?!

19. Toys are life!

20. The little treasures that people like to keep...