10 blockbuster kids' movies from the 90's that have since become classics

The 90's were a cultural whirlwind when it came to fashion, music and cinema.  Box office-busting kids' movies had us queuing around the block and a lot of them have gone on to become much-loved family classics.

Here are 10 movies from the 90's that have stood the test of time, even with today's special effects-loving generation!

1. Hook

A fun take on Peter Pan, where an adult and amnesiac Robin Williams tries to save lost children from the clutches of Captain Hook.  Peter's memory problems meant that he'd forgotten about the story's imaginary land, his friends and the fact that he could fly!

2. Jurassic Park

Who doesn't love a good dinosaur movie? In this movie, Jurassic Park is a dinosaur safari park, but things go wrong when the man-eating reptiles escape and begin to wreak havoc across the island.

3. Jumanji

Another cult Robin Williams classic that's still loved today. Two kids find an enchanted board game in which a man is trapped.  To finish the game and end the ensuing chaos, they need to confront a host of dangerous situations.

4. Home Alone

A parent's worst nightmare - to go on a Christmas vacation and suddenly realize you've left one of your kids at home! A roller-coaster of a movie, where a young Macaulay Culkin goes to head to head with two idiotic burglars trying to break into his home.

5. Forrest Gump

Although a bit hard to follow for younger audiences, this movie is considered to be one of the best of all times. Forrest Gump is a child in a man's body and the story follows him through his major life events - his first love, his successes, his failures, sad times... A tale that blends hilariously funny moments with thought-provoking scenes and, of course, left us with the classic quote 'Run, Forrest, run!'

6. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton is the king of eccentricity who created Edward, a man who has scissors for hands. A funny, touching movie that featured the talented Johnny Depp as the multi-bladed lead character.

7. The Fifth Element

A colorful fantasy set in 2263, where Earth is under threat from invading aliens.  Bruce Willis plays Korben Dallas, a former soldier who works as a flying taxi driver and who sets out to save the planet.

8. The Mask

A poor, shy man finds a mask with magical powers. When he wears the mask he's turned into a devilish cad with a green face!

9. Men In Black

Planet Earth is home to humans and aliens alike and it's up to a secret organization to control any anarchic extra-terrestrials who roam the world.  

10. The Lion King

The Lion King is one of Disney's most successful movies... Why? Because it made us laugh and, most of all, cry when Moufassa dies and little Simba finds himself alone in the world. Snif.