10 blockbuster movies that made us all hit the pause button

Some blockbusters are destined to go down in movie history and it may simply be because they contain a scene that makes people across the globe hit the pause button.  Whether it's an 'ooh la la' moment or something more chilling, the great thing about DVD's is that we can rewind and re-watch fleeting scenes that we may not have caught first time around. 

Here are 10 classic movie scenes that made us repeatedly reach for our remote controls.

1. She's the Man

© DreamWorks Pictures  

Amanda Bynes brought a stadium to a standstill when she decided to prove that she was a woman. This movie resonated with girls around the world, whilst this scene in particular got guys reaching for the pause button in the hope that Bynes would bare a little flesh!  Sadly for them, she didn't actually flash her chest at Shaning Tatum, although this movie did elevate the young actress to sex symbol status!

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

© Universal Pictures  

Phoebe Cates became an 80's starlet, mainly thanks to this scene. Teenage boys (and maybe their dads too!) fantasized about this cutie and pause buttons went into overdrive when Cates emerged from a pool and performed her iconic bikini drop scene. 

3. Total Recall

© TriStar Pictures  

Fans of this cult Sci-Fi movie all remember the scene when Arnie meets a prostitute who flashes her chest.  Why? Because this mutant has no less than 3 breasts! Although she's wearing a prosthetic, most of us needed to take a second look to register that we weren't imagining things!

4. Titanic

© Paramount Pictures  

This 1997 movie was one of the highest grossing of all times and the chemistry between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio was palpable! Despite its amazing sets, special effects and tear-jerking moments, it was the scene where Jack draws a nude Rose that caused viewers to click pause.

5. Boogie Nights

© New Line Cinema  

It wasn't just female nudity that caught viewers' attention... Towards the end of the film, Dirk Diggler also flashes the flesh and woman around the world hit pause and swooned over this 'rippling muscle moment'.

6. Signs

© Buena Vista Pictures  

Moving on from nudity, this movie tackles one of our favorite subjects - alien invasions! 'Signs', however, only gave us a fleeting glimpse of an extraterrestrial, so to get a better look at these hard-to-spot, evil, green invaders, we all went for the rewind/pause option!

7. The Wizard of Oz

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer  

This classic favorite taught us about loyalty, friendship and kindness, but on a darker note it had more than just a wicked Witch of the West or Flying Monkeys. When Dorothy and her pals are heading down the Yellow Brick Road, you can see strange figures lurking in the woods! The producers had simple explanations, but viewers decided these were too boring and hit pause to see if something spookier was going on.

8. Exorcist

© 20th Television  

Even if you haven't seen this movie, you'll have heard all about it.  The Exorcist is quite possibly the most famous horror movie of all time and is littered with frames of terrifying demons. However some of them were so quick that as soon as the movie came out on video/DVD we all decided to hit pause... And many of us suffered nightmares as a result!

9. Burn After Reading

© Focus Features  

This is a movie in which our favorite leading man dies and one where we hit pause to see the bullet smash into Brad Pitt's skull.  A gruesome reaction, but we needed to make sure that the single bullet really did pierce his forehead and send Pitt's character to an early grave

10. The Wolf of Wall Street

© Paramount Pictures  

Margot Robbie does a sterling job as the movie's femme fatale and we all remember the scene when she teases Leonardo DiCaprio with her spiky red heels.  You may have hit pause, but at the risk of being kill-joys, we can confirm that Margot didn't expose her private parts and wore nude underwear for this scene!