10 photos that'll make you love spiders (or almost!)

When it comes to phobias, spiders often top the list.  Plus they're sneaky little beggars, able to slip unseen into our homes, weave their webs at an incredible speed and, if we're unlucky, leave us with a nasty bite. Often associated with witches and Halloween, have you ever got up close to one of these beasties? They may look terrifying from afar, but we've decided to defend their honor!

Take their legs and feet, for example. Cute, little fuzzy things that help them to cling to their web, spiders' feet are incredibly sensitive and covered in sensors that pick up movements and smells.  So next time you stumble upon one, try to think of Itsy Bitsy Spider or Charlotte's Web instead of a nightmare creepy-crawlie!

Here are 10 photos of spiders' feet to show you what they're really like... We're sure that they'll leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

1. How can anyone think that these feet aren't cute?

2. When you look close up, they resemble cats' paws!

3. Soft and strokeable!

4. Their little claws help them to run around their webs without falling off!

5. And their colors are often really pretty

6. Their claws also help them to cling to hard surfaces

7. Their claws are rigid and don't retract

8. Spiders of all sizes have them - here's one 'shaking fingers' with a human!

9. Up close, they look like a soft, cuddly toy (well, almost!)

10. Oh look, he's reaching out for a hug!