12 couples who have their own definition of their special relationship

All couples have their own way of doing things. Some rarely leave each other's side while others are more independent. Add to that all the other components of life as a couple from jealously to a love of pranks, hatred of household chores, romantic weekends, accepting that the pets have the right to sleep on the bed...

True love is often unconditional or even irrational.  It's different for everyone, but romance is definitely one of the most important factors.  But how we romance our loved one is a different matter, as the following selection proves!

In honor of all the loved up couples out there, here's a hilarious selection of photos where couples have shared the special bond that exists between them!

1. This guy couldn't afford to buy his wife a new car, so just dressed up her current one with a romantic bow!

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2. We assume this won't give his wife nightmares!

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4. When your girlfriend hates spiders...

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5. Doing household chores, a sign of true love

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6. This guy commissioned a portrait of the cat as an anniversary gift for his wife

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7. When you're in love, it doesn't matter where the wedding is held

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8. This lady's husband is an engineer and offered her a bracelet with her name engraved in binary code

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9. "My girlfriend ordered a Caesar salad!"

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10. At least she'll have something to snack on

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11. "My husband and I have been wanting to do this for a while..."

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12. "I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for dinner and she instantly replied..."

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