12 genius space-saving ideas to de-clutter your home

Storage... Probably the biggest problem when it comes to living in a small room/studio or apartment.  But don't panic, you don't necessarily need to live with piled up boxes or stacks of clothes on every surface! There are plenty of ways to save space, neatly store away your belongings and add 'volume' to a tiny living area. Even better, you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune or employ someone to build fitted furniture!

So if you feel as though you're being crammed in by clutter, check out these 23 space-saving ideas and turn your little nest into a bright and airy space.

1. Foldaway table

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Perfect for when you want to work or eat!

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And they're also easy for DIYers to make!

2. A free-standing shoe rack

© architecturendesign  

A cool design that takes up virtually no space!

3. An armchair meets futon

© hammacher  

Sleep or sit with this super-comfy armchair meets futon design!

4. Portable ironing mat

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This magnetic mat means you can iron your clothes on any metallic surface!  A practical, lightweight, easy-to-store ironing board alternative!

5. A staircase that's also a bookcase

© tocka  

Hollowed out stairs can also be used for storage and if the staircase is wide enough, you can add some shelves!

6. Stacked chairs and table

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© wickerpatiofurniture  

We love this space-saving cocoon design that neatly stacks away 4 chairs and a table - great for tiny terraces!

7. A family of rocking chairs

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© rockntech  

If you like rocking chairs and have limited space, then try this 'Russian Doll' idea!

8. Hidden pet food bowls

© animalworld  

Once your four-legged friend has had its fill, just close the drawer.  Plus it also means your pet won't be tempted to snack throughout the day!

9. Window blinds that are also a clothes dryer

© tuvie  

Perfect for tiny rooms - block out light and dry your clothes with this nifty design!

10. A bookcase that contains a dining room

© orlareynolds  

This bookcase can store four chairs and a table! With plenty of shelf space for crockery, this sleek design means you can create a dining room whenever you like!

11. A sofa meets bunkbed

© hiperoriginal  

Got an unexpected visitor?  This sofa meets bunk bed is great if you have guests or if you live in a studio that doesn't have room for a separate bed!

12. A sectional wall bed

Just pull the bed down over the couch and enjoy a good night's sleep.  Another awesome space-saving idea if you live in a studio or small apartment!