12 photos that illustrate how some designers think about every last detail

Whether it’s a public area or a private business, good designers strive to incorporate those little extras that make our lives easier and safer!

From avoiding cross-contamination to technology that prevents traffic accidents, designers are always thinking of ways to protect us, and for that we are truly grateful.

Here are 12 photos that illustrate the thought behind these reassuring designs.

1. Because walking and texting can end in tears

© Ansel47 / Reddit

2. A discreet inner fabric to clean your glasses

© zdemerchant / Reddit

3. To avoid using your hands and risk contamination

© SpaceKaiaWolf / Reddit

© staxnet / Reddit

4. This stroller store has different types of flooring to so you can try before you buy

© eyedubb / Reddit

5. A clever way to help patrons pack and carry their groceries

© Sugalips2000 / Reddit

6. So your dog stays warm and safe while you shop

© flourp0wer / Reddit

© VoiceofLou / Reddit

7. Anyone who wears heels will appreciate this!

© snatchiw / Reddit

8. A perfect grip during snowy or icy weather

© TheRealJasonium / Reddit

9. Benches that turn into tables!

© hotforhot*** / Reddit

10. Benches that are also radiators

© wellerccs / Reddit

11. This airport understands that dogs need their own "restroom"

© GDolphinz / Reddit

12. Another walking while texting safety measure

© BillionPenny / Reddit