13 extremely talented and creative people

Humanity’s plans for the coming years are excessively ambitious. In fact, in addition to being innovative, we are also planning to put human life on other planets. The Space X company and its Falcon Heavy is proof of this. But while waiting to get there, people are upping their creativity to improve their daily lives, and they’re sharing their photos on the net.

Here are 13 super cool ideas that would make even the most talented inventors jealous.

1. To replace a broken doorbell

© famdevil/reddit  

2. Do you sweat a lot? Put panty liners inside your t-shirt…

© pternera/reddit  

3. When your door number is broken or missing, replace it with cookies.

© homyak700g/pikabu  

4. There is genius in this!

5. A stylish lampshade…!

© DoggyDeVito/reddit  

6. To always have hot water even when the water heater is empty…

7. Using a pair of scissors to lock the door!

8. Now you can rightfully call it the throne!

© kaktebemask/vk  

9. Hang your laundry on the clothesline – even when it rains.

© pozner1985/pikabu  

10. To keep people from stealing the toilet paper!

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11. Getting to work easier if you live close and it's really cold.

© HanVelsing/pikabu  

12. A multi-functional stool garbage can!

13. Because playing basketball is in our genes, we have to be able to play it no matter what.