13 photos that illustrate some of the more annoying things in life

Even though we know life isn't always a bed of roses, we still get annoyed when things go belly up. The following people will certainly agree to the point that they snapped and shared their disappointment.

Whether it's a stroke of bad luck on vacation or regarding a purchase, we never know when we're going to face an unexpected glitch.

Here are 13 photos that illustrate some of the more annoying things in life.

1. Never trust social network photos when booking your vacation

© polina_marinova / Twitter, © pompglobal / Instagram, © oneinchpunch / Depositphotos

2. This was sold as "unbreakable". It lasted an hour.

© slastin / Pikabu

3. What it said on the website vs what turned up

© nkamelin / Pikabu

4. The packet said to pop it in the microwave for a chocolate fondant result

© yuki_mss / Twitter

5. Someone told them to clean it with vinegar

© theduplofighter / Reddit

6. Sold as being extremely hard-wearing

© Alevcand / Pikabu

7. Never perfume your clothes before ironing them!

© Tom Agnew / Facebook

8. Another pair of supposedly robust shoes

© MoToPuCT / Pikabu

9. Could be good for Halloween...

© pitachan1 / CookPad, © marsmedia / Reddit

10. These were advertised as black-out curtains

© 3rd-and-Witten / Reddit

11. Pocket-sized...

© Amazon, © Grykllx / Reddit

12. The fan didn't work and also used up all the battery on the phone

© grsercer6 / Reddit

13. Ordered in the early evening, delivered towards midnight

© RonyaMist / Twitter