14 fascinating comparisons

Comparing things can be quite an eye-opener and these photos illustrate just a few...

For example knowing the actual size of a dinosaur's tooth will make you glad you weren't around back then, while comparing the size of a baby monkey to a human finger just makes them even cuter.

Here are 14 fascinating comparisons that people snapped and shared!

1. His vs her big toe

© retundamonkey / Reddit

2. Store-bought on the left, garden-grown on the right

© andreithegiant97 / Reddit

3. This is how big a Tyrannosaurus tooth is


4. Yes, cacti can grow this big!

© jjimahon / Reddit

5. Shaquille O’Neal has REALLY big feet

© ajhidell63 / Reddit

6. Have you ever seen a Kiwi, a rarely-spotted flightless bird

© Twisted_Logic / Reddit

7. Acacia spines...

© Browndog888 / Reddit

8. Did you realize how big stop lights could be?

© Mario Tama / Getty Images News / Getty Images

9. A cent from 1850 compared to a modern one

© steamy_linguini / Reddit

10. We told you baby monkeys are cute!

© Floridapfe from S.Korea Kim in cherl / Moment / Getty Images

11. A military transport plane with a tank for cargo

© Roland Balik / Wikimedia Commons

12. Tall mushrooms

© Dr**ken_Herald

13. Guess which person loves to eat carrots!

© omgbbqpork / Reddit

14. This is why hail stones can cause injuries

© fishyeye / Reddit