14 people who made bets that turned out well

Do you like to make bets? Some bets are for money and others are just friendly bets made in fun. Whether it’s made with a friend, a parent or other relative, or even a stranger in a bar, there are all kinds of bets.

If you lose, you have to pay up – either with money or by doing some silly task. But the winner gets to see the loser do what was promised, even if it isn’t easy... Sometimes, we regret making a stupid bet. That’s probably true with many of the people below!

1. “I work in a rehab clinic and a patient reached his goal, so I had no choice but to shave my beard after making the bet 2 months ago.”

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2. This elementary school principal lost a bet he made with his students. The deal? He had to ride a tricycle around the halls of the school if his students read a certain number of books.

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3. This grandma bought a hundred $1 gifts for Christmas and won her bet!

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4. This 86-year-old was challenged to pole dance. It looks like he won!

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5. This guy was challenged to keep all the $5 bills he encountered over a year! There are 104 of them.

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6. “Every Thanksgiving, it's a tradition to play a game of checkers with my cousin...and I win every time.”

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7. This Swedish principal lost his bet with a struggling student. The deal was that he had to dye his hair pink if the student graduated.


8. When your boss loses a bet and gets creative with how he pays you...

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9. When you have to fly in this outfit... it looks like a bachelor party!

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10. After losing her bet, this lady had to stand with mannequins for 3 hours, only to get kicked out of the store after only an hour.

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11. He had to put all the straws in his mouth! A winning bet!

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12. Three billiard cues balancing a ball – another winning bet!

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13. This kid is willing to do anything to win a bet: he had to hold a seagull and did it!

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14. He lost his bet with his history teacher.

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