14 photos that illustrate the power of Mother Nature

Nature certainly knows how to reassert its rights.

In cities where walls are made of concrete and the streets are cobbled or covered with tarmac, plants and trees still manage to establish their roots and grow. A dowdy urban environment can be quickly livened up by greenery covering walls or piercing sidewalks and roads.

Here are 14 photos that show how determined Mother Nature is!

1. Stunning flowers brighten up a wall

© Halfa1965 / twitter

2. Determined to survive

© Lifeisgoood / pikabu

3. Potatoes that were left to sprout in a sauna 

© dobrovolskiy / pikabu

4. Pushing through tarmac

© Annapril / pikabu

5. When a tree makes a good plant pot

© dinamint / pikabu

6. This felled tree sprung a new shoot and began to regrow

© farggus / pikabu

7. A tiny ecosystem

© squ1gglyth1ng / reddit

8. This tree survived a fire

© yimshady / reddit

9. "Homemade" chickens!

© Elfiana / pikabu

10. Emerging from the 3rd storey

© Willa_Catheter_work / reddit

11. The vegetables in this garden failed to grow, with the exception of this single carrot

© MikeWTrapp / twitter

12. When a hoop and tree become one

© SarahEDoucette / twitter

13. Slowly, but surely gaining ground

© Poppy.Rook / pikabu

14. On top of a stone chimney

© Amol__K / twitter