14 photos that show how creative humans can be

Try typing "How to be more productive" in your Google search bar. You’ll get hundreds of thousands of responses from different sources. All humans are capable of thinking and being ingenious.

Indeed, it can be very easy to make our lives a lot simpler. You just have to use your brain a little bit – a brain which, in today's society, tends to just go with the flow. Thinking like this allows you to be more productive, to do more things quicker and more efficiently.

Below, you’ll see proof that the human brain can come up with some amazing things!

1. How to heat a few things at once in a microwave…

© DaNReDaN/Reddit  

2. And he can draw all over the outside when he finishes the inside...

© Unknown/Imgur  

3. You can hang an iPad just about anywhere!

© etothepowerof3/Reddit  

4. Another way to use a table fan

© Lord_Ardget/Reddit  

5. Now that’s smart!

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6. How do you keep people from invading your space? This lady has the answer!

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7. Is your computer getting too hot? An egg carton will allow it to get better ventilation!

© Mehavesuperpowers/Reddit  

8. If you’re on a diet and only allowed one cookie…

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9. When you’re on a diet...

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10. A makeshift speaker

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11. A jar of Nutella almost empty? Add some whipped cream to it...

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12. Store your clothes this way to save space!

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13. Perfect for working while taking a bath... and spending hours there!

© dcroni/Reddit

14. A baby crib can be used as a play space when the child is older…