14 strange sights caught on camera

The internet is awash with fake photos to the point where we have a hard time telling what's real from what's been retouched. So, it's always a pleasure to find genuine shots that show just how weird and wonderful the world is!

Here are 14 strange sights that were caught on camera and shared on social media to the delight of us all.

1. When there's just one giant clove

© vseznayka/reddit  

2. Because empty space can be turned into art

© dickfromaccounting_/reddit  

3. We bet they ran home...

© w111v/pikabu  

4. Spot the rabbit

© Hajen/pikabu  

5. When a grilled sandwich is actually a cake

© CantankerousHighball/reddit  

6. Look closely - one of these bricks is actually wood!

© earthquade/reddit  

7. A very strange rock found on a beach

© python_pi/reddit  

8. A dog gazing across the hills

© Glitch29/reddit

9. We love this - dads often get left out when it comes to baby product ads

© fazzah/rediit  

10. Lots of birds for a little tree!

© alexmix/pikabu

11. How would feel about finding this in the restroom?

© SquidMcNuggets/reddit  

12. This has to be the biggest cactus in the world

© pelayomartinez/reddit  

13. Beer? Seriously?

© CharChar7216/reddit  

14. Stop signs in Hawaii are blue!

© classieders/reddit