14 times people used their skills to make something impressive

People who are inspired can make works of art out of just about anything.

Transforming simple materials into beautiful objects requires some manual skill. You also have to be an artist in order to conceive all the possibilities when looking at a pile of nails or even coins. The result can be very beautiful.

Here are 14 photos of people who are very good with their hands.

1. He created an "Iron Throne" phone charger

© NaturalNerdiy / imgur  

2. Thousands of coins are glued together to make a stunning floor with beautiful geometric shapes…

© TonyaTooners / imgur  

3. After buying a house, he decided to build a room for his dog.

© Rootersrevenge / imgur  

4. Using plants to decorate an empty wall that gets a lot of sunlight…

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5. This is a good way to save some space while decorating an outdated kitchen.

© vjosiah / reddit  

6. He made a rose out of copper sheets!

© SaltFishin34 / reddit  

7. Here’s a homemade bike, made out of some scrap metal.

© his_name_is_aaron / reddit  

8. He made copper leaf ornaments to give to family and friends.

© eyebrowgamestrong / reddit  

9. Making a wood and resin table yourself requires a lot of patience.

© evanandkatelyn / imgur  

10. He decided to make some bottle openers and wine stoppers to give to his guests on his wedding day.

© NathanMichaelMoore / imgur  

11. He used wood and aluminum to personalize his key fob.

© Michicanery / reddit  

12. Using concrete, an old soy milk container and a coffee cup, she made this beautiful pot for her plant.

© ghelex / reddit  

13. He turned rusty sheet metal into a beautiful painting.

© barryabrams / reddit  

14. He turned a screwdriver into a car key.

© HaHaBird / reddit